Bachelor of Community Psychology (BCP)

Program Title

The name of the degree program is the Bachelor of Community Psychology (BCP)


The Bachelor of Community Psychology has a tremendous amount of potential to impact the lives of many in Uganda‚Äôs communities.  The program has been developed to address specific issues in society with special emphasis on basic skills in handling a wide range of human problems.
It adds a professional component through the understanding of human problems and provision of basic skills to students.  This will broaden job opportunities for Bachelor of Community Psychology graduates. The program begun in the 2000 and has grown in terms of the number of students enrolled. The program has evolved with respect to the course content given the availability of new knowledge and feedback from the graduates of the program. 


The program is designed to introduce basic psychological concepts and make students appreciate its application in the community.  This will facilitate the absorption of community psychology graduates into the workforce.  The Bachelor of Community Psychology complements community-oriented programs and attempts to meet the growing mental health needs in Uganda.  The problem facing our societies include drug and alcohol abuse, child abuse, marital problems, AIDS, growing numbers of orphans and refugees, homosexuality, defilement, war, abduction, and others.

Students graduating from this program will be well prepared for entry into the professional mental health postgraduate program such as the Master's in Counseling and Master's in Clinical Psychology, as well as other specialized community oriented training programs offered in various organizations.

The program will have tremendous impact on the Ugandan society since graduates will be flexible and could be absorbed in government ministries, police departments, non-governmental organizations (NGOS), mental health program, community-based intervention program and school systems.


Duration of the program

BCP is a three (3) year program offered under both the Day and the Evening arrangement. The program runs on a semester system of two (2) semesters per academic year, each lasting 17 weeks.

Structure of the course

Students will be required to take six (6) compulsory core courses in the first year per semester.
In the 2nd and 3rd year a student will take a total of six (6) courses per semester with the core courses being compulsor.

Course Structure

  1. First Year
  2. Second Year
  3. Third Year