Direct Entry Scheme

A candidate shall be deemed eligible for consideration for admission to a first degree programme of the University if the candidate has obtained:

  1. The Uganda Certificate of Education (O’level) or an equivalent qualification; and
  2.  At least Two Advanced level passes in approved subjects at the same sitting of the Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education Examination (A’level) or an equivalent qualification.

For purpose of this regulation, except where otherwise provided for, all subjects offered by the Uganda National Examinations Board at ‘O’ level or ‘A’level are regarded as approved subjects. A pass in the General paper will count for admission to any programme in the University

College/School/Institute Requirements

Within the framework of the General Direct Entry Requirements, there may be special College/School/Institute Requirements which a candidate must fulfill to gain admission to a programme in a specific College/School/Institute.

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Mature Age Entry

Mature Age Entry Scheme is one of the three avenues of admission to Undergraduate programme to Makerere University.

  • For a candidate to qualify for entry to the University he/she must sit and pass the University Mature Entry Examination.
  • To be eligible for the Examination, the candidate must be at least 25 years old before the 1st August of the year in which admission is sought.
  • No candidate who had previously attended a programme at Makerere University shall be re-admitted to the University under this scheme to a programme of study in which he/she failed to qualify during his/her previous attendance.
  • The Mature Age Entry Scheme like other avenues of University entry is open to both Ugandans and Non-Ugandans.
  • Application Forms for those intending to sit the Examination at Makerere University are issued at the University, in Room 505, Senate Building on payment of an Application Fee of Shs. 80,000/- (Shs.50,000/- for the National Aptitude Test and Shs. 30,000/- for the Programme Specific Examination).
  • Banking Paying-In Slips can be obtained from Room 202, Senate Building.