When (and where) are the exams?

The last two weeks of the semester are dates for the End Semester examinations. A precise timetable, giving day and room for each exam, is published during the semester. This timetable goes up on the Examination Notice Boards at your College / School.You also need to copy from this timetable your personalized timetable, which gives you allocation of date, time and examination room.

While there is a lot reasonable care made to ensure that examination sessions do not clash, there might be incidences where this happens due to limited time/examination rooms. When the first edition of the time table is published, you might find clashes in your time table whereby you are supposed to appear in more than one examination at the same time or the list of examinations is wrong or missing, you should draw the attention of the Examinations Co-ordinator in your College/School about such a problem as soon as possible.

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