Retaking a Course or Courses

   1. A student shall retake a Course or Courses when next offered again in order to obtain at least the Pass Mark (50%) if he/she had failed during the First Assessment in the Course or Courses.
   2. A student who has failed to obtain at least the Pass Mark (50%) during the Second Assessment in the same Course or Courses he/she has retaken shall receive a warning.
   3. A student who misses to sit examinations for justified reasons and he /she is permitted to do the missed examination, the grades obtained from a deferred examination shall not be categorized as retake because the assessment(s) is for the first time.
   4. While retaking a Course or Courses, a student shall: -
         1. Attend all the prescribed lectures/ tutorials/Clinicals / Practicals / Fieldwork in the Course or Courses;
         2. Satisfy all the requirements for the Coursework Component in the Course or Courses; and
         3. Sit for the University Examinations in the Course or Courses.
   5. A student shall not be allowed to accumulate more than five (5) Retake Courses at a time. Students are required to register for retakes course(s) first before registering for new courses offered in that semester and the retake courses should fit into the approved normal load to avoid time table clashes.
   6. A final year student whose final Examination Results has already been classified by the relevant College /School Board and has qualified for the
   7. Award of a Degree/Diploma/Certificate, shall not be permitted to retake any Course or Courses.
   8.  When a student has retaken a course the better of the two Grades he/she has obtained in that Course shall be used in the computation of his/her Cumulative Grade Average (CGPA). Whenever a Course or Courses has/have been retaken, the Academic Transcript shall indicate so accordingly.
   9. Students who have a Course(s) to retake and these Course(s) fall beyond the set normal semester load for their Academic Programmes shall pay tuition fees for any Course/Courses to be retaken. Besides, such students also pay the re-examination fees per Course retaken as well as the Registration Fees.

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