What if I am ill during the exam or revision period?

If you are ill (or anything similarly catastrophic happens) this can obviously make a big difference to your performance, whether or not you manage to attend all your exams. It is essential that you let us know as soon as possible.
Students who fall ill during the academic year and have cause to believe that their illness is of such gravity that it might affect their performance in the subsequent examinations, must at the material time of their illness furnish the relevant Principal / Dean’s and the Academic Registrar’s Offices with written reports of their illness from the University Hospital. You should get a Doctor’s Note, and contact us while you are still ill if possible, as we need to get some idea of how badly you are affected.
Medical reports which are secured after failure in examinations and without previous record of the illness referred to in the relevant College/School office and Academic Registrar’s Office shall not be accepted as valid ground for review of the failure in the examinations of the students concerned.

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