Deferred examination

It is essential that you let us know what happened if you miss an examination

  1. A student who provides credible reason for failure to complete coursework assessment or to attend an examination based on (ii)above may be permitted to ‘sit’ the deferred examination or coursework assignment when the course(s) is being offered again.
  2. A student who needs to defer an examination must submit application to his/her respective Principal / Deans’ Offices. The application and supporting documentation pertaining to the absence must be presented as soon as the student is able, having regard to the circumstances underlying the absence but not later than the beginning of the semester in which the examination is scheduled. Where the cause is incapacitating illness, a student must present a University Hospital Medical Statement Form. In other cases, including severe domestic affliction, adequate documentation must be provided to substantiate the reason for an absence.
  3. In the case of an approved application for deferred final examination, the Dean or Principal of the student’s College/School will inform the Head of Department responsible for the course of the approved deferred examination. The Department will then notify the Lecturer concerned.
  4. A deferred examination will not be approved if a student has not been in regular attendance in a course, where attendance means having completed less than half of the assigned work.
  5. Deferred examination shall be included in a Student’s maximum Semester load. A Student with two or more deferred examinations outstanding from a previous semester may be required to reduce the number of courses in which they are registered in order to accommodate deferred courses from previous semester(s).
  6. The grades obtained from a deferred examination shall not be categorized as retake because the assessment(s) is for the first time.
  7. A Student shall be required to pay appropriate fee for deferred examination and payment shall normally be made at the beginning of the semester.

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