How do I complain?

The decisions of the Examiners regarding passes, fails and degree classification are taken with extreme care and attention, with one of the primary considerations being fairness to all students. Once those decisions are made, the opportunities to change them are very limited; in particular, students do not have the right to have their papers remarked simply because the published mark does not match their expectation. Only if we are presented with prima facie evidence that a student has been treated unfairly will we even consider a change of decision. Should you feel that the department has not treated you fairly, every student has theright to use the University’s Examinations appeal procedure. Candidates shall make their requests in writing clearly specifying the grounds upon which the appeal is beingmade including, but not limited to the following:

  1. That there exists or existed circumstances affecting the student’s performance of which the Examiners had not been made aware when their decision was taken;
  2. That there were procedural irregularities in the examination process;
  3. That there is evidence of prejudice or bias or inadequate assessment on the part of one or more of the Examiners.

Note that disagreement with the academic judgment of the examiners is not a ground for appeal.

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