2nd CHUSS lunchtime seminar: Interrogating the Changing Masculinities and Post Conflict Recovery in Northern Uganda

The presenter/ researcher, Mr Amon Mwiine

Some of the members of staff who attended the seminarThe second CHUSS lunchtime seminar held yesterday, 26th March, 2015 at the School of Women and Gender Studies interrogatedMr Mwiine makes his presentation the changing masculinities and the post conflict recovery process in Northern Uganda. The presenter, Mr Amon Mwiine, from the School of Women and Gender Studies is currently conducting research on changes in masculinities and their impact on the post conflict recovery process. He seeks to analyse how the post conflict reconstruction programmes are addressing the changing realities of men and masculinities. The research feeds into his PhD work on men and masculinities particularly on how to strategically engage men in the gender equality lobby.

Although the research has a particular focus on masculinities in post conflict northern Uganda, it offers a platform through which to deeply interrogate the concept of masculinities, and the discourses that inform men and masculinities stream of development. 

The participants pointed out discourses of femininity, the role of outside forces in influencing transformations in masculinities and the social relations aspect as some of the key issues that should inform Mr Mwiine’s research.

Mr Amon Ashaba Mwiine is a PhD student and an Assistant Lecturer at the School of Women and Gender Studies.

See details of his presentation in the attachments below

Next seminar

The third seminar will be held on 16th April, 2015 from 12:30pm-2:00pm in the School of Women and Gender Studies Conference Room. The presenter will be Assoc. Prof. Paul Bukuluki, from the Department of Social Work and Social Administration, School of Social Sciences. Topic:  When I Steal, It is for the Benefit of Me and You”: Is Collectivism Engendering Corruption in Uganda?

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