Borderland Project students present research findings at NORHED seminar

Some of the students from the collaborating Universities listen to comments after presenting their findings

A group of 9 PhD and Masters students from the Department of Sociology and Anthropology, led by Dr Eria Olowo The Makerere group attending the NORHED Research Seminar in Addis AbabaOnyango (Coordinator, Borderland Dynamics in East Africa Project, Makerere University) are attending a NORHED Research seminar in Addis Ababa.  The students, alongside their counterparts from the University of Khartoum and Addis Ababa University on the NORHED-funded Borderlands project, are presenting their proposals and preliminary research findings to academic supervisors from the three collaborating Universities. They include four PhD students (Ms Ritah Nakanjako, Mr Chris Opesen, Mr Stevens Aguto Odongoh, Mr Jerome Ntege); and five Masters students (Ms Birungi Ruth, Mr Fred Niringiye, Ms Nabakazi Tracy, Ms Birungi Brenda and Ms Akiriat Martha).  The students are undertaking research on borderland dynamics in East Africa.  

The workshop is being facilitated by Prof. Munzoul Assal from the University of Khartoum, also Coordinator NORHED Borderland Dynamics Project and Prof. Leif Manger from the University of Bergen. It was officially opened by Dr Jeilu Oumar, Acting Vice President, Addis Ababa University on Monday, 5th October, 2015 and will end on Friday 9th.   At the end of the presentations, the coordinators at the three Universities will give briefs about the impact of the project on borderland communities.

The aim of the project is to strengthen the capacity of the three Universities (Makerere, Khartoum and Addis Ababa) to play a role in governance and policy fields by addressing relevant development problems, such as the borderland issues.

The project is expected to create new and specialized regional competence by offering Ph.D and Master students opportunities for regional interaction on training and research levels. The long term goal is to empower borderland communities in Ethiopia, Sudan and Uganda to voice their special concerns in policy dialogues.  

The papers being presented by Ugandan students include;


1.  Ms Rita Nakanjako - “In Magendo it is Staking Life for Life: Experiences of Traders at Busia, Uganda-Kenya Border"

Prof. Leif Manger, University of Bergen

2. Chris Opesen

"I Would be Married now if I had Removed It….’’ Perspectives on ‘Mutat’ Among the Pokot in the Kenya-Uganda Border"

3. Stevens Aguto Odongoh

“LIVING LIKE A BAT: Acholi Experience of Belonging after LRA War and Life Across the Uganda-South Sudan Border

4. Mr Jerome Ntege

“Living Dead: The Tales of Ebola Survivors in Bundibugyo Border District”


1.  Birungi Ruth

“The Formation of a Familial Cohesion as Life Coping Strategy for Child Migrants who Live Along Busia Uganda-Kenya Border: A Case of Chokola Children”

2. Fred Nyiringiye

“The Challenges of Bafumbira People’s Access to Land Across the Border in Democratic Republic of Congo: A Gender Perspective”


3. Nabakazi Tracy

"Social Networks as Livelihood Strategies for Women in Informal Cross Border Trade along Busia Uganda Kenya Border"

Prof. Munzoul Assal, Coordinator NORHED Borderland Dynamics Project 4. Brenda Birungi

“They told us no Segregation but I am not Confident: Ethnic Seclusion of Karimojong in the Boda Boda Industry”

5.  Martha Akiriat

“Understanding the Persistence of Child Trafficking across the Uganda Borders: the Case of Busia"

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