Arts building to get facelift

The contract for the repair of the roof and general overhaul of the Arts building has finally been signed and renovation works will commence tomorrow, Eng. Sekadde hands over to the contractor24th July 2018. The Arts building houses the School of Liberal and Performing Arts and the School of Languages, Literature and Communication.

At the site handover meeting held on 20th July, 2018, Eng. Ezra Sekadde from the Estates and Works Department introduced the contractor and briefed the CHUSS Management team on the scope of work.

Name of Contractor

Greystone Investments Limited

Scope of work

-All the roofing tiles will be removed, cleaned and placed back including replacement of all broken ones.

-New galvanized roofing sheeting will be placed on the entire roof before the tiles are placed back. This is meant to address the current roof leakages in the building.

The contractor inspects the building-All damaged and missing ceiling boards will be replaced.

-All external surfaces of the building including all the commonly shared spaces i.e. corridors, toilets and student lecture rooms will be painted and broken glasses replaced. The existing stone finishes around the skirtings will be cleaned.

-Razor wiring is to be placed on top of the existing ridge lines and valleys to prevent birds from landing on the tiled roof and causing breakages to the tiles.

Time-frame  - Two months

According to Eng. Sekadde, the contractor will not be entering offices except for the commonly usable areas. Eng. Sekadde cautioned the contractor to ensure health and safety by cordoning off the work areas and putting in place measures to control dust and noise.  He also cautioned the contractor to ensure safety of property.

During the work period, members of staff and students will be free to use their offices and lecture rooms.

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