Notes on Benchmarking Visit to Stellenbosch University

The Change Management Committee (CMC) is charged with implementing institutional change in accordance with the reforms recommended by the University Research, Administrative and Financial Reforms (URAFR) Committee. Resource mobilisation and management is one of the areas where reforms were recommended by UNAFR. As part of the activities to implement the resource mobilization and management function, the Change Management Committee undertook a benchmarking visit to Stellenbosch University within the framework of IDRC support. During the visit, the benchmarking team had opportunity to meet various management teams of Stellenbosch University and to participate in the launch of the HOPE Project, which is championed by the university.

Members of the Benchmarking Team

The team included the following members of the Change Management Committee:

Assoc. Prof. Barnabas Nawangwe             -           Deputy Vice Chancellor (F&A)

Assoc. Prof. Goretti Nabanoga                     -           Deputy Principal, CAES

Assoc. Prof. Aaron Mushengyezi                 -           Dean, SLLC

Dr. Vincent Sembatya                                    -           Director Quality Assurance

Ms. Catherine Kanabahita                             -           Gender Mainstreaming