Early Career Scholars’ Programme - Call for Applications

The College of Humanities and Social Sciences (CHUSS), Makerere University received financial support from The Andrew W Mellon Foundation to fund a cohort of 15 Early Career Scholars to pursue cutting-edge and innovative research in the Arts, Humanities and Humanistic Social Sciences. The grant is to support and mentor Early Career Scholars to become leading scholars in their respective disciplines. The programme will further establish a platform for scholarly exchange and interaction nationally and internationally so as to   nurture a new generation and community of scholars and provide intellectual leadership needed for future development and sustainability of the the Arts, Humanities and Humanistic Social Sciences in the country and the East African region.

In 2018, 6 fellowships were awarded. The College now invites eligible applicants, whose proposed research projects are innovative, cutting-edge and demonstrate an explicit Inter-disciplinary focus in the the Arts, Humanities and Humanistic Social Sciences to apply for a two (2) year Early Career Scholars’ Grant (ECSP) 2019. This grant is entirely for an Early Career Scholar’s research project.





The Humanities

For purposes of this project, the Arts, Humanities and Humanistic Social Sciences include:

  1. Language and Linguistics
  2. Literature
  3. Media Studies
  4. Feminist studies and theory
  5. History and Archaeology
  6. Philosophy
  7. Social Anthropology
  8. Social psychology
  9. Performing arts
  10. Religious Studies
  11. Political theory


An eligible Early Career Scholar is anyone who is employed by Makerere University in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences on permanent terms, has completed his/her PhD training in the last 10 years, and has publishedat least 3 articles in academically recognized channels such as Refereed Journals/Book at the time of application. Qualifying female applicants are particularly encouraged to apply.

An eligible Mentor is a permanent member of academic staff in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences at a rank of Senior Lecturer and above, with demonstrable academic growth in the relevant field. S/he should have at least 5 publications in recognized peer-reviewed journals or books, 3 of which should have been published after promotion to the rank of Senior Lecturer.


The Early Career Scholars’ Grant is a fully-funded two-year programme of research with generous financial support from the Andrew W Mellow Foundation. The grant will cover all research related costs such as baseline study, data collection, analysis, report writing, computing costs, field work and conference attendance. The maximum value of the grant is approximately USD 20,000 or its equivalent in UGX that will be dispatched according to the budget and plan of activities stipulated in the proposal. Additional funding will be made available to the fellow to cover travel and welfare expenses for a residency at a centre of advanced studies.

Each mentor is entitled to USD 1,500 as field work supervision allowance.

Application Process

The grant application form is attached or can be requested for from graduate.college@chuss.mak.ac.ugor graduate.college2019@gmail.com. The form is in Word format, which will expand to accommodate the text entered. Please note the following requirements of the grant proposal:

  1. a 150-word abstract
  2. a one-page academic biography describing your academic career and detailing the ideas and experiences that have shaped your work and your future plans.
  3. a grant proposal, in which you are expected to provide evidence of your ability to plan and organise independent research, and the relevance, feasibility and contribution of your proposed research topic to the study of the Arts, Humanities and Humanistic Social Sciences. (Maximum of 10 pages, space 1.5 Times New Roman Font 12)


The 2019 grant starts in October 2019 and terminates in October 2021. The key deliverables for successful candidates will be:

  1. Evidence and commitment to supervise at least one graduate student (Masters) to completion.
  2. Presentation of at least one conference paper at an international conference in his/her field of specialisation in the duration of the grant.
  3. A presentation ata seminar, workshop or symposium organised by CHUSS.
  4. Publication of at least two articles in a recognised peer-reviewed journal or book .

How to apply

The completed grant application form, together with copies of all the supporting documents should be submitted preferably by e-mail to graduate.college@chuss.mak.ac.ug, or graduate.college2019@gmail.comwith copy to principal@chuss.mak.ac.ug on or before Friday, 20th September 2019. No late applications will be accepted.

Applicants will be notified of the decision in regard to their application by Friday 18th October 2019.

For Further Information

In case of any questions regarding the programme or your application, kindly contact the following:

1. Assoc Prof Josephine Ahikire (Deputy Principal CHUSS)

Email: principal@chuss.mak.ac.ug

2. Ms Catherine Kirumira

Project Administrator

CTF 1 Office 2.4

Email: kiruthy1@gmail.com

3. Dr Edgar Nabutanyi (Programme Coordinator)

Email: nabutanyiedgar@gmail.com / enabutanyi@chuss.mak.ac.ug

4.Dr Levis Mugumya(Assistant Programme Coordinator)

Email: lmugumya@gmail.com / lmugumya@chuss.mak.ac.ug

We look forward to receiving your application.

Document Attachment Checklist

  • PhD Transcript or Certificate
  • Makerere University Appointment/Promotion Letter
  • Mentor’s commitment letter
  • Referee’s letter
  • Research budget
  • Research work plan
  • Application form


If you are interested in applying, please make efforts of attending a Pre-Application Workshop that will take place on Friday 6th of September 2019 starting at 2:00 PM in the School of Women and Gender Studies Conference Hall.

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