New publications on human sacrifice by CHUSS academic staff

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Articles by members of staff from CHUSS published in the special issue on child sacrifice in the International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences Journal.Dr Eddy J. Walakira, Head SWSADr Christine Mpyangu, Dept of Religion and Peace Studies

1. Child Sacrifice: myth or reality? Author: Paul Bukuluki, 30(1) (2014) 1-11

2. The African Conception of Sacrifice and its Relationship with Child Sacrifice Authors: Paul Bukuluki, Christine Mbabazi Mpyangu, 30(1) (2014) 12-24

3. Tracing Tradition: A Case Study of Child Sacrifice in Uganda Authors: Abigail McCrary, 30(1) (2014) 25-38

4. The Judeo-Christian Concept of ‘Sacrifice’ and Interpretation of Human Sacrifice in Uganda Author: Paddy Musana, 30(1) (2014) 39-52

5. The Economic Aspects of Human and Child Sacrifice Authors: Peter Rwagara Atekyereza, Justin Ayebare, Paul Bukuluki, 30(1) (2014) 53-65

6. Child sacrifice in Uganda: adequacy of existing legal provision Authors: Walakira Eddy, Philippa Bogere, 30(1) (2014) 92-101

Dr Paddy Musana, Ag Dean School of Liberal and Performing Arts7. Responses to child sacrifice in Uganda Authors: Peter K. Byansi, Agatha Kafuko, Anselm Wandega, Paul BuAssoc. Prof. Peter Atekyereza from the Department of Sociology and Anthropologykuluki, 30(1) (2014) 78-91

Dr Paul Bukuluki from the Department of Social Work and Social Administration8. Psychosocial problems among survivors and suggested interventions for coping with child sacrifice in  Uganda Authors: Ronald Luwangula, Paul Bukuluki, Justus Twesigye, 30(1) (2014) 66-77

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