Current Projects

School of Social Sciences

Focus of support was on “Consolidating Peace and Development in the Lake Victoria Regions and its Environments: The National and Local responses to Transformation from Turmoil to a more sustainable development process.’’ The following were the specific Research areas:

  • Uganda’s Foreign Policy in the Security Complexes in the Great Lakes Region from 1986
  • Agricultural Liberalisation, Gender Relations and Livelihood patterns in Central Uganda
  • Gender vulnerability to HIV/AIDS and changes in risk behaviour
  • Faculty capacity building Fund
  • Conflict and Post conflict reconciliation in Uganda
  • Public Policy, changing Gender Relations, Ideologies and Identities in Uganda
  • The Political economy of Disease in the context of conflict
School Languages Literature and Communication

 Delphe Project-Training Students and Teachers to Write and Illustrate Bi-Lingual Books for Primary School Children in Northern Uganda

In 2008, the British Council awarded a multi-institutional DelPHE grant to Makerere University, School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) at the University of London, Gulu University in Northern Uganda, and the Association for the Advancement of Higher Education and Development (AHEAD) for the project, Training Teachers and Students to Write and Illustrate Bi-Lingual Books for Primary School Children in Northern Uganda. The wider impact of the program is linked to the provision of quality education and peace building activities in Northern Uganda. The project addresses the urgent need for training programmes for teachers, and reading materials for children. Training teachers equips them with more skills to deliver better quality education to students, while putting books in children’s hands will promote literacy.