Human Resource Office

Name: Josephine Apolot Opolot

Occuption: Human Resource

The office of the Human Resource has two staff; Ms Josephine A. Opolot – Head of Human Resource and Ms. Ssozi Priscila – Administrative Assistant. The office engages in many activities to ensure proper functionality of the College and welfare of staff as indicated below;

    1. Providing professional (technical) support and advise to the College on HR matters Developing and coordinating employee work targets for the College
    2. Planning, budgeting and making an account of HR
    3. Coordinating the training and development activities for the College Staff
    4. Coordinating procedures for recruitment, confirmation, promotion, discipline and grievances in the College
    5. Reviewing and monitoring performance management and control system
    6. Monitoring the application of HURIS in the College
    7. Assisting the Principal in the execution of College administrative function
    8. Coordinating and Managing the College Staff exit from the University service
    9. Secretariat to the Establishment and Appointments Committee of the College
    10. Producing quarterly and annual reports on Human Resource issues in the College
    11. Linking the College with the University Management on Human Resource issues
    12. Any other related duties as may be assigned by the Principal


Human Resources Report [ PDF | Ms Word ]