Information on Public Universities Joint Admissions 2012/2013

The application form for admission to all Public Tertiary Education Institutions is to be completed by Senior Six Leavers who wish to be considered for admission under government sponsorship to the Public Universities and to other Tertiary Education Institutions. The form will be used to collect information on applicants and this information will later be processed on computer. Each applicant must complete the PUJAB application form.

Please see Attachments below for more information on Filling the PUJAB Form, New Degree Programmes, Advice on Making Choices, Cut-Off Points, Detailed Weighting Systems per University for Courses Offered, District Codes, etc.


  1. PUJAB Note to Schools 2012-2013 Including New Courses [ PDF | Ms Word ]
  2. PUJAB National Merit Courses Makerere 2012-2013 [ PDF | Ms Word ]
  3. PUJAB Policy on Sponsorship By Uganda Government [ PDF | Ms Word ]
  4. PUJAB National Merit Admissions District Codes 2012-2013 [ PDF | Ms Word ]
  5. PUJAB Detailed Weighting Makerere CHUSS 2012-2013 [ PDF | Ms Word ]
  6. PUJAB Bachelor of Arts Subjects Combinations Makerere 2012-2013 [ PDF | Ms Word ]