Call for PhD & MA Research Fellowships 2022

The College of Humanities and Social Sciences received funding from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation for the project that seeks to centre global debates in archiving, memory and method in Humanities and Humanistic Social Sciences research at Makerere University. Following the formation of three research groups, namely, archives and the community, archives and institutions and archives and the academia, the College hereby calls for application from qualified PhD and MA students for research fellowships. The application should clearly delineate how the proposed study approach fits into the research agenda of any of the three research groups listed below:
1.    Archives and Communities
Focusing on archives as repositories of memory and time and interested in exploring how archives empower communities to remember and write their history and/or how they represent themselves across time and space.
2.    Archives and Institutions
Interested in the idea of an archive as a manifestation of power. Drawing on national and community archives, the research group will explore how different archives manifest a kind of power embedded in what is collected, preserved and displayed.
3.    Archives and Academia
Focusing on the relationship between methodological approaches to archival research and scholarship, paying specific attention to how conceptual debates such as decolonization have influenced discourses on the status of archives in the Global South. 

Interested PhD and MA students should submit either their proposal (PhD) applicants or concept note (MA applicants) that clearly delineate archival research (the archive as a method or site of research) approach. They should also submit a two-page motivation that identifies the research group to which their study fits and why their project is deserving of funding by highlighting the problem, research question(s), objectives and justification/significance of their study (use Times New Roman, 12-point font, and 1.5-line spacing).

Project Activities
Successful PhD and MA students are expected to participate in anticipated project activities to establish a community of scholars committed to nurturing critical archival research and a culture of regular scholarly discourse as listed below: 
1.    Quarterly Reading Groups of the Research Teams and interested Faculty in the College;
2.    Quarterly Symposia for the Research Teams and interested Faculty in the College;
3.    A National Conference in the second year of the project;
4.    An Academic Edited book drawn from the research of the project teams and/or a special issue of Mawazo; and
5.    An International Conference in the third year of the project.

Research Outputs
Each fellow is expected to produce the following outputs:
1.    Complete her/his dissertation in the stipulated time of the project,
2.    Publish an article or book chapter from his/ her funded research,
3.    Submit regular progress reports on the study,
4.    Participate in at least one form of public scholarship.  

1.    Must be a registered student of Makerere University,
2.    PhD Fellowship applicants should have full admission,
3.    MA Fellowship applicants must have completed their coursework with an average score of B,
4.    MA Fellowship applicants must be registered for an MA by coursework and dissertation option (Plan B MA applicants will not be considered),
5.    PhD Fellowship applicants should have registered for PhD by Research (Applicants on Taught PhDs will not be considered). 

The funding will cover costs related to baseline study, data collection and analysis, report writing, computing costs and consumables. 
1.    Each successful PhD applicant will receive Research funds distributed as follows: USD5,200 the first year, USD 5,200 in the second year and USD 5,200 in the third year.
2.    Each successful MA student will receive Research funds as follows: USD 2,700 the first year and USD2,700 in the second year.

How to Apply
Interested applicants should submit the following documents to the underlisted email address.
a)    A 200-word bio,
b)    A two-page motivation,
c)    Proof of registration,
d)    Admission Letter for MA Applicants,
e)    Full Admission Letter for PhD Fellowship Applicants,
f)    Proof of coursework grades for MA applicants,
g)    Support letter from the Head of Department,
h)    Latest/updated CV.

Deadline for applications: February 25, 2022.

Applications should be submitted to: copied to: 

For more details please contact: Dr Edgar Nabutanyi:

A compilation of related books and articles is available here:

Start Date: 
Tuesday, January 11, 2022 - 12:15
End Date: 
Friday, February 25, 2022 - 17:00

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