The MUASA-CHUSS ARENA is a social platform for academic staff of Makerere University in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences. This forum was established as part of the MUASA (Makerere University Academic Staff Association) structures for faculty interaction on matters of their interest within the college. The “Arena” description of this platform is inspired by the concept of the African traditional arts performance stages and their functions in shaping the desired citizen. Community arenas are spaces for free expression of any ideas without fear of being judged, as well as accommodate diversity without censorship. As champions of humanities and social sciences education in Uganda, the CHUSS Arena provides us yet another stage outside the traditional classrooms and office spaces for informal expression of our humanity and recreation. The forum is coordinated by Dr. Milton Wabyona, who is the MUASA College Representative for CHUSS, but also the Chair of the Public and External Relations Committee for MUASA.

The launch of the CHUSS Arena will mark the beginning of a college-wide physical interaction of its members for this cause. We believe this initiative will further enhance cohesion among our membership and facilitate even more meaningful communal engagements and support. The theme for the launch is: “Campus Catch up – Off the Books!” Different staff members from different generations will share some of their memorable campus social life experiences from when they joined Makerere University as students or as junior staff. As we commemorate 100 years of Makerere University’s existence, this activity will also contribute to recounting and reminiscing of the campus social life experiences and how they have shaped life on the ivory tower. The event will also include performance interludes such as karaoke, mimes, dancing, poetry etc. by faculty from all schools of the college. We hope to continue this tradition in a regular periodical practice at appropriate intervals.



Friday, June 17, 2022 - 16:00
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