Invitation to participate in the Department of Performing Arts and Film RIF Project Dissemination Seminar

This is to cordially invite you to register and participate in the Department of Performing Arts and Film research dissemination seminar scheduled to take place on Friday, 8th January 2021 in CTF1, Room 1.2 starting at 9:00am. The research was supported by the Government of Uganda through the Makerere University Research and Innovations Fund (Mak-RIF).

***PROJECT TITLE - The Use of Episodic Dramatics in Promoting Uptake of Behavioral Measures for Prevention of COVID-19


  1. Dr Michael Muhumuza – Principal Investigator
  2. Dr Branco Sekalegga – Co-PI
  3. Dr Patrick Mangeni –   Co-PI
  4. Ms. Pamela Mbabazi – Co-PI
  5. Mr. Eric Jjemba Lutaaya – Co-PI
  6. Mr. Ian Muddu Kiyingi – Coordinator


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Uganda is comprised of over 50 culturally diverse ethnic groups, with different beliefs, cultures, traditions, norms and behaviors. Many of these (beliefs, cultures, traditions, norms and behaviors) contradict significantly the advice being given by the technocrats on the prevention of COVID -19, like social distancing, and avoidance of physical contacts. If not managed properly, the COVID-19 regulations can be construed as anti-social and hence detrimental to Ugandan cultural fusion.

**This project sought to use episodic dramatics for promoting uptake of behavioral measures for prevention of COVID-19.The strategy consisted of composing songs and writing plays, recording and producing videos for the music and filming the skits. The project team therefore had songs, plays, pantomimes and choreographies, made up of tag lines, symbolic interpolations, juxtapositions, jokes, exaggerations, incongruities, grotesque displays, reversals, and other artistic means on selected behavioral measures for prevention of COVID-19 that are deemed important in encouraging uptake of those behavioral measures. The team then availed these materials to the main stream and social media for community consumption.

See details on the project below.

Friday, January 8, 2021 - 09:00
Event Venue: 
Central Teaching Facility 1 (CTF1), Room 1.2, Makerere University
Contact Information: 
Dr Michael Muhumuza, Department of Performing Arts and Film/ Email: Mobile number: +256774479051