Symposium on improving evidence on women's economic empowerment and women's groups in Uganda


The purpose of this symposium is to increase awareness on the need to build evidence and a community of practice on women economic empowerment and women groups in Uganda.  The symposium is intended to popularize evidence-based research approaches that support knowledge translation for relevant policy making and best practices in the field of women’s economic empowerment.  This will be a one-day event starting at 8:30am and ending at 5:00pm.


  1. Enhance the awareness of the importance of fostering WEE and using innovative solutions to improve the evidence base and increase information storage and uptake


  1. Raising awareness on building a community of practice of evidence based research on WEE and SGs


  1. To facilitate opportunities for networking, collaboration and exchange of ideas with government and NGO leaders and experts in evidence-based practice and education on women empowerment


  1. Reinforce the focus on the implementation of information exchange with policy makers to increase the efficiency of evidence-based decision making.


Friday, January 13, 2023 - 08:30
Event Venue: 
Senate Conference Hall Level-4, Senate Building
Contact Information: 
School of Women and Gender Studies, Makerere University