World Philosophy Day: Uganda after 50 Years of Independence A Philosophical Inquiry into the Way of Life

The theme for the world philosophy Day, 2013 is “Philosophy as inquiry and way of life”. Makerere University department of philosophy and development studies, intend to celebrate this day by organizing a public lecture on the above mentioned theme. In this theme, we fist acknowledge the UNESCO’s theme, which proposes that philosophy should be taken as both practical and a theoretical discourse. That is why it is an inquiry and a way of life.See attachments for details

Thursday, November 21, 2013 - 09:00
Event Venue: 
Senate building, Upper Conference Room
Contact Information: 
1. The chair Philosophy and development studies department - Dr. Wilfred Lajul (,, Tel. 0772628176). | 2. The president of Uganda Philosophy Society – Mr. Nixon Wamamela ( Tel:0774595830)