Bulage Immaculate emerges best in Journalism and Communication

Ms. Bulage Immaculate has always wished to be one of the best writers and news anchors on international channels like BBC and Fox news. With a Ms. Bulage Immaculate was the best in Journalism and Communication. She will graduate in May 2021First Class Degree and the skills acquired during the four years of training in Journalism and Communication at Makerere University, she is optimistic she can make it. Ms Bulage scored a CGPA of 4.42 emerging best in her class. She is one of the students who will be awarded degrees and diplomas at the 71st Graduation Ceremony of Makerere University set for 17th-21st May 2021.

Excited about her achievement, Ms. Bulage (25 years old) plans to advance to other academic levels with hope of becoming a professor and one of the best public relations strategists in the world. She is most grateful to God, her lecturers in the Department of Journalism and Communication, fellow students, and her parents, Mr. Timothy Pande and Mrs. Gertrude Pande who went out of their way to ensure she attains quality education.

Ms. Bulage’s message of encouragement to continuing students and those in lower classes

“Work hard and smartly; heroes are made in a furnace, and fire prepares us the throne of success. The ordinary makes the extraordinary; use your time productively. Gold is always sought for endlessly; don’t look for favors from lectures, your grades shall speak out loudly.”

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