Educational, Social & Organizational Psychology gets new head

The Ivory Tower

Dr Kikooma presents the handover reportDr Leon Matagi has been appointed Acting Head, Department of Educational, Social and Organizational Psychology in the School of Psychology. He takes on from Dr Julius Kikooma who is now the Dean of the School.

Dr Matagi is a Lecturer of Organizational Behaviour, Research Methods and Statistics at the School of Psychology. He is a member of the CHUSS Procurement Committee and Chair of the Network of Ugandan Researchers and Research Users (NURRU). He has also been the Coordinator of Makerere University Centre for Psychological Services.

During the handover ceremony held in the Head’s office today, 25th May, 2015, outgoing Head, Dr Kikooma, presented the handover report outlining, among other things, the structure of the department, achievements and challenges affecting the activities of the School.  The achievements included a standing Memorandum of Understanding with the Federation of Uganda Employers (FUE) signed in 2013 to develop corporate relationship intended to improve human resource ethics and practice in Uganda. Under this arrangement, the Department of Educational, Social and Organizational Psychology, with support from FUE, conducts research in people management and organizational development, works with employers to review the curriculum and management of the internship programme for students of Organizational Psychology and writes proposals seeking funding for applied research in the areas of Human Resource management and organizational development. The Department also carries out surveys leading to Employer of the Year Awards.

In terms of staff development, Dr Kikooma noted that six out of the eight Assistant Lecturers at the School of Psychology had embarked on their PhD studies.

Despite the numerous achievements, Dr Kikooma said the School faces space and staffing challenges. He appealed to Dr Kikooma hands over to Dr Matagithe University Administration to fill the staffing gaps and support the School to improve its infrastructure.

Dr Kikooma congratulated the incoming Head upon his appointment and pledged continued support to the Department. In his remarks, Dr Matagi promised to do his best to move the Department forward.

The handover ceremony was witnessed by Mr Benson Barigye from Internal Audit and the CHUSS Human Resource Officer, Ms. Hawa Harriet.  


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