MAK hosts Borderlands project gender seminar

Makerere University Department of Sociology and Anthropology is hosting a three-day seminar on gender mainstreaming in the borderlands. The Some of the participants in a group photoseminar is part of a series of activities aimed at enriching the research work of M.A. and PhD students on the NORHED-funded Borderland Dynamics in East Africa project. It is taking place in Senate Conference Hall with over 70 participants from the collaborating institutions namely Makerere University, the University of Kharatoum, University of Addis Ababa, University of Bergen and the Christian Michelsea Institute in Norway.

Facilitators include Assoc. Prof. Consolata Kabonesa from the School of Women and Gender Studies, Makerere University; Dr Eria Olowo Onyango, Coordinator of the Borderland Dynamics in East Africa Project at Makerere University; Dr Christine Mpyangu from the Department of Religion and Peace Studies Makerere University; Dr Ibtisam Satti Ibrahum Idris and Prof Munzoul Assal from the University of Khartoum, Dr Monica Kirya from the Christian Michelsea Institute in Norway and Dr Hirut Terefe Gemeda and Dr Fekadu Aduguna from the University of Addis Ababa.

Participants are discussing a wide range of issues in regard to the concept of gender, the significance of streamlining gender in research and the Dr Eria Olowo Onyango, the Coordinator Bordeland Dynamics in East Africa Project at Makerere University addresses participantsbenefits and complexities of gender mainstreaming in higher institutions of learning and other institutions of government.  

Borderland Dynamics in East Africa is a four-year project (2014-2018) aimed at building capacities in research and education in East Africa. It is managed by the Departments of Sociology and Anthropology at the collaborating Universities.  The research being conducted by the students is expected to influence policy and subsequently improve the living conditions of borderland communities in East Africa.




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