The Makorale Choir wins, “Ekitiibwa kya Buganda” Singing Contest

In 2022, the “Ganda Boys” – a UK-based African fusion band embarked on a campaign to popularize the Buganda Kingdom anthem: “Ekitiibwa kya Buganda” across all the five continents of the world. This project involved several professional ensembles, armature choirs and orchestras in different countries performing the Buganda anthem in Luganda.

The second phase of the campaign was conducted in Uganda with a call for choirs and individuals to submit their videos singing the anthem for purposes of auditioning musicians who would join the final global ensemble that will perform and record the anthem in Europe. As the campaigned gained steam, Prince Nicholas Basamula also joined the drive by staking in a 10 million Uganda shillings for the winner. The decision was arrived at by the video that received the greatest number of views by the general public on the listed social media channels. After about two months of the campaign, the Makorale – a Makerere University Community Choir of students, alumni and staff emerged the winner with over fifty thousand views.

On April 30, 2023 at 2:30PM, His royal highness Prince Basamula handed over the cash prize in a special event held at the Kampala Serena Hotel and organized by the Ganda Boys band. In his speech, the prince underscored the value in the Buganda anthem in portraying the culture, heritage and customs of the people of Buganda. He further singled out the last stanza, which is a prayer of dedication for the Kingdom and the Kabaka of Buganda to the Almighty God. Whenever this stanza is sang, means you have prayed for Buganda and her people, said the prince. He therefore thanked the Makorale choir and all those who participated in this contest for not only competing but also, praying for Buganda.

On his part, Dr. Milton Wabyona, the director of the Makorale choir, thanked the prince for supporting the cause with his generous prize, which further enriched the campaign. He also thanked the Ganda Boys for choosing to promote Buganda’s heritage throughout the world using music. In re-emphasizing the power of music in community engagement causes, Dr. Wabyona commended the Ganda Boys’ for this initiative, which closely resonates with the Makorale’s aim of using music as a focused tool for community engagement and support. The choir’s strategic objective is to harness the vast benefits of music in maintaining traditional cultural values in developing an ideal citizen, hence shaping a peaceful society. Beyond providing professional music training to its participants, the Makorale choir also aims to establish a music scholarship foundation for students in Makerere University.

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