Social Sciences students embrace community service

On Friday 13th November 2015, students from School of Social Sciences, Makerere University carried out general cleaning of their School, as one of the initiatives aimed at maintaining a clean and healthy environment. Led by their Dean, Dr. Andrew Ellias States, and the student leadership, they engaged in community activities such as sweeping the School compound, mopping offices and lecture rooms, scrubbing lavatories, unblocking the trenches and wiping dust in the interior and exterior of the School.

According to the Vice President School of Social Sciences, Ms. Evelyn Tukamusaba, the initiative will be carried out once every semester with the aim of keeping the School clean and attractive.  “A clean environment is an additional credit to our academic excellence. As students, it is our obligation to keep the School clean,” she said. “By developing this idea, we also wanted to create a platform where we can nurture and enhance the spirit of togetherness among fellow students. This initiative therefore will be a stepping stone for us to interact with our fellow students at different academic levels, raise positive feelings and enhance students love toward the School and Makerere University at large,” she added.

Speaking to the PR Office, the students said they were inspired by the pro-active approach undertaken by the Dean who fenced off their premises and planted a hedge in order to keep the School green. They thanked the Dean, together with the members of staff, for supporting them to undertake the general cleaning of their School.

The President of the School of Social Sciences, Mr. Wasswa Hassan, encouraged other Colleges and Schools to embrace community service. “Makerere University is our home and the schools are like houses in which we stay. We therefore need to be involved in cleaning them as students. However much you have someone to help, you need to engage in the same activity once a while,” he explained.

He thanked the students for showing the spirit of togetherness during the exercise. “I am really impressed with the unity you have expressed in this initiative. I wish this is also transferred to other parts of the University as We Build for the Future.”

The Dean applauded the students for the wonderful initiative. “I am glad that our own students have taken the initiative to engage in the general cleaning of their School. This action portrays the students’ love and spirit of patriotism to their School and University,” he said.

Dr State thanked the student leadership for their efforts and determination in making the initiative a success. “What they have done today is portrays a wonderful example to other students. I therefore encourage them to carry this example to other areas so that we keep our great Makerere clean, lovely and admirable,” he said.





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