Prof. Kirumira hands over office

The Outgoing Principal of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences (CHUSS), Prof. Edward K. Kirumira has this afternoon, 14th January, 2018 Outgoing Principal, Prof. Edward K. Kirumirahanded over to the Acting Principal Dr. Josephine Ahikire. The handover ceremony held in the Literature Resource Centre was presided over by the Director Human Resource, Mr. Andrew Abunyanga. It was witnessed by the Deputy Vice Chancellor in charge of Academic Affairs, Dr Umar Kakumba; the Director Legal Affairs, Mr. Henry Mwebe; the Director Internal Audit, Mr. Walter Yorac Nono, and Deans and senior administrative staff of CHUSS.

Prof. Kirumira will be leaving Makerere in January 2019 following his appointment as Director of the prestigious Stellenbosch Institute for Advanced Study (STIAS). He will succeed Professor Hendrik Geyer who completed his final term as STIAS Director at the end of 2018.

Prof. Kirumira will be the first black African to Head STIAS. According to Desmond Smith, Chair of the STIAS Board of Directors, the Selection Committee was impressed by Prof. Kirumira's vision for STIAS to further enhance the quality of the core research programme, to vigorously expand the Iso Lomso programme focused on the next generation of African scholars and leaders and to make STIAS an academic and intellectual hub in service of the continent and research globally. “We warmly welcome him to the STIAS family. He has the full support of the Board of Directors and we look forward to the next phase of the Institute's growth under his leadership."

Prof. Kirumira hands over to Dr Ahikire. At the centre is Dr Kakumba, DVC, Academic AffairsIn his handover remarks, Prof. Kirumira appreciated all staff for the cordial working relationship. He noted that it was gratifying to be leaving CHUSS at a time when it is more stable and on track to greatness. He highlighted the programmes of the College, the achievements registered during his tenure as Principal and some of the areas that require special attention.

The achievements registered include; promotion of 28 members of staff from Senior Lecturer to Professorial rank, 17 from Lecturer to Senior Lecturer and 43 from Assistant Lecturer to Lecturer position. Prof. Kirumira has extensively fundraised for the College and the University. CHUSS is now a recipient of several training and research grants and its grant portfolio now exceeds US$20 million. Several memoranda of understanding have been signed and have greatly boosted institutionalization and networking. Under Prof. Kirumira’s leadership, the College witnessed the establishment of the Confucius Institute, the AfriChild Centre, the Julius Nyerere Leadership Centre and the E.A Centre for Research in Social Work. Other achievements included successful curriculum reviews in the different units of the College.

Prof. Kirumira however expressed dismay at the declining number of students and implored CHUSS Management to rethink curriculum development so as to come up with more competitive programmes. Other areas that require special attention according to Prof. Kirumira include higher degrees Members of University Management and the CHUSS team in a group photo after the handover ceremonymanagement, timetabling, student and staff welfare. Prof. Kirumira pointed out the need to harmonize programmes, establish a graduate programmes coordination centre and a staff-student liaison committee to effectively manage student affairs.

He appealed to the University Management to support the college to overcome the challenge of domestic arrears and staffing gaps. He pledged to continue supporting CHUSS.

The Deputy Vice Chancellor in charge of Academic Affairs, Dr Umar Kakumba, appreciated Prof. Kirumira for his distinguished service to the University and great personality. He also applauded him for exhibiting qualities of good leadership and governance by handing over peacefully. “It is important to establish a culture of accountability. Accountability is not only about finances but also being able to account for power and authority entrusted to you. I appreciate Prof. Kirumira for extensively accounting to the institution through his handover report,” he said. Dr Kakumba implored the Acting Principal to foster and add value to what has been established by Prof. Kirumira. He pledged to support the College to overcome challenges of programme duplication, staffing gaps and domestic arrears. He said the University would at an appropriate time appreciate the services of Prof. Kirumira.

The Acting Principal, Dr Josephine Ahikire thanked Prof. Kirumira for the mentorship and support accorded to her. She pledged to do her best to take the College to greater heights. “The mentorship and support received will be used efficiently for the good of the College and University. I hope to continue learning from Prof. Kirumira. With the systems in place, the sky will be the limit,” noted. She thanked the Deans for their active participation in all CHUSS programmes.

On behalf of the Deans, Dr Patrick Mangeni expressed gratitude to Prof. Kirumira for the leadership provided to the College, noting that he had laid firm ground for it to grow stronger. He appreciated the cordial working relationship with Prof. Kirumira and wished him the best in his new appointment.

The Director Human Resource, Mr. Andrew Abunyanga congratulated Prof. Kirumira upon securing a high profile appointment. He thanked him for his distinguished service to the University spanning a period of three decades and wished him the best in his new assignment.

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