The Gerda Henkel Foundation was established in June 1976 by Lisa Maskell in memory of her mother Gerda Henkel as a private, non-profit grant making organization. The Foundation has its headquarters in Düsseldorf. The sole object of the Foundation is to promote science at universities and research institutes, primarily by supporting specific projects in the field of the humanities that have a specialist scope and are limited in time. A special concern of the Foundation is the advancement of postgraduates.


On the advice of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, the government of Uganda divested itself from higher education generally, and University education particularly in the 1990s. Starved of funds by the government and anticipating revenue windfall from paying students, Makerere University and indeed many public universities in the region opened their doors to private students....Read More

Call for Applications for Early Career Scholar Grants 2018

About the ECSP Pro

The ECSP is a 3-year research capacity-building programme, totalling to USD 800,000, which targets to support 15 staff to acquire skills for developing innovative projects of their own choice, increase innovative thinking, nurture emerging leaders and create an intellectual community of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences scholars engaged in innovative research and scholarship. It seeks to move the bulk of CHUSS staff from the status of just being PhD holders to research leaders in their respective disciplines. It will support teams of early career scholars to generate a critical mass of additional highlevel scholars. In turn, this will scale up the academic vibrancy of the College, thereby strengthening its capacity to play its rightful role in knowledge generation and dissemination nationally, regionally and internationally. More Details

Application Process

The College of Humanities and Social Sciences, Makerere University has received financial support from The Andrew W Mellon Foundation to fund a cohort of 15 Early Career Scholars to pursue cutting-edge and innovative research in the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences. The grant is to support Early Career Scholars engender an academic breakthrough to establish themselves as leading scholars in their respective disciplines. The programme will further establish a platform for scholarly exchange and interaction nationally and internationally so as to nurture a new generation and community of scholars and provide intellectual leadership needed for future development and sustainability of the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences disciplines in the country, the East African region and the continent at large. 2018 Application Process

Application Form

Application Form for Early Career Scholars’ Programme Grants

Programme Structure

(Inter-disciplinary PhD)

The Inter-disciplinary PhD by Research programme in Historical Humanities and Humanistic Social Sciences is a three-year full time programme in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, which is governed by rules and regulations that governor PhD by research at Makerere University. However, given that it employs a cohort system and that the programme is expected to be completed in three years, several research foundational and skills seminars will be given to the fellows at different intervals of the duration of the programme. The rationale of the research foundational and skills seminars is to ensure that fellows are grounded in the knowledge and skills requisite for PhD studies. Given that this is a rigorous programme, fellows should carefully and diligently plan for their entire doctoral study period at Makerere University. Therefore, the programme will require their dedication, commitment, focus and discipline. The core stages of the programme — comparable to all PhD by research programmes at Makerere University — correspond with the three-year duration of the programmeRead Details Here

Admission Requirements

Before you apply, please read all the information below, including eligibility, supporting documentation and writing a Concept Letter of Interest in order to check: More Details Here

Scholarship Conditions Rules and Regulations

Scholarships will be made available to suitable candidates for full-time doctoral study in the fields of Historical Humanities and Humanistic Social Sciences in CHUSS.Download Rules & Regulations

Programme Processes and Milestones

An Inter-disciplinary PhD by Research programme in the fields of Historical Humanities and Humanistic Social Sciences in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, Makerere University is a three-year programme by research. The following are the processes and timeline of the programme.
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