2017 cohort - Gerda Henkel Foundation funded PhD in Historical Humanities and Humanistic Social Sciences

1. Ignas Fedeo is an Assistant Lecturer in the Department of Literature, University of Dar es Salaam. He holds a Bachelor of Arts with Education in Literature and Kiswahili and Master of Arts in Literature both form University of Dar es salaam. His M.A. dissertation was in “Gender Representation in Selected Banyakyusa ‘Tupote’”. He also holds a certificate in a history course on The Berlin Wall: Tales of Division and Unity from Humboldt Universitatzu Berlin, Germany. He is currently a PhD student at Makerere University, College of Humanities and Social Sciences. His PhD topic is “Unwritten Stories of MwalimuNyerere and the Kagera War as Represented in Banyakyusa Oral Literature.”IgnasFedeo is interested in African oral literature, history, gender, drama, poetry, and publishing studies.

2. Mahajubu Abuduldid his undergraduate and post graduate studies at Makerere University specializing in History. He is currently a Lecturer in the Faculty of Education at Muteesa I Royal University where besides teaching history to in-service and pre-service teacher trainees, he also runs the oral documentation centre. His research area for the CHUSS PhD in Historical Humanities and Humanistic Social Sciences is entitled: “Uganda: The forgotten History of the Nubian Ethnic Minority (1894-1995).”

3.Patrick Lugwiri Okombo holds a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Kiswahili and History (2007) and a Master of Arts (MA) in Kiswahili Studies (2011) both from the University of Nairobi. He previously worked as a teacher of Kiswahili and History for both O' level and A' level at Laiser Hill Academy and Lukenya in Kenya). He thereafter worked as the overall Senior Editor and Editor for Kiswahili at Mentor Publishing Company (Kenya). He has co-authored and published a journal article titled: The International Status of Kiswahili: The Patemeters of BrajKachru's Model of World Englishes. He has also authored several children stories in Kiswahili such as Kisa cha Asha (2016), MbuMsumbufu (2017) and MayaiyaAjabu (2017). He is currently a PhD Student in Linguistics at Makerere University. His topic of study is: “Examining Kiswahili as a tool for East African Integration: Historical Perspective and Sociolinguistics Implications.” His areas of interest are Linguistics, Research, Language teaching, Creative Writing, Editing and proofreading, Literary criticism, and English-Kiswahili translation. 

4. Nakabo Robinah Seruga is currently a PhD student and part-time lecturer in the department of philosophy, Makerere University. Her topic is “A Critical Examination of Gender Sensitive, Culturally Informed Leadership and Followership in Uganda.”Her areas of interest arephilosophy, particularly philosophy of gender, political philosophy, philosophy of education, epistemology, metaphysics and ethics. Born on 16th/12/1979 Kampala, Uganda, she attained her MA in Organizational Leadership at Eastern University, St. Davids PA, 19087, 2013; and yet to defend her dissertation for MA in Philosophy at Makerere University. She holds a BA Social Sciences (2004) at the same university.

5. Nangira Betty has enrolled as PhD student at Makerere University, College of Humanities and Social Sciences. Her proposed study is:“Maternal Health Access and Rural Livelihood in Uganda.” Her study seeks to explore the Implementation of health care reforms in public health facilities of Uganda. She holds an Advanced Masters’ degree in Development Evaluation and Management of University of Antwerp Belgium (2014-2015), a Master of Philosophy degree in Public Administration of University of Bergen Norway (2006-2008), a Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences of Makerere University (2000-2004), and a Diploma in federalism of University of Fribourg Switzerland.  She has worked with Kyambogo University as a part time Assistant Lecturer for Political Science and Public Administration since 2009- 2017.

6.Deogratius Kyanda Kannamwangi was born in Bukomansimbi District in Central Uganda. He is currently an Assistant Lecturer in the Department of Arts Education, School of Education, Kampala International University. He holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Education from Makerere University and a Master of Arts in History from Kyambogo University. He is currently a first year Doctoral Student of Humanities and Social Sciences at Makerere University specializing in History. His research topic is “Ganda Catholicism: A Transitional History on the Growth of the African Church in Buganda, 1893-2012.”

7. Zaid Sekito is a part time Assistant lecturer of History in the Department of History, Archaeology & Heritage Studies, Makerere University. He has a Bachelor of Arts with Education majoring in History and minoring in Economics ofMakerere University. He has a Master of Arts degree in History of Makerere University. He is currently admitted on the CHUSS PhD in Historical Humanities and Humanistic Social Sciences and his proposed Research Project is entitled: “Beyond Islamic Fundamentalism: A History of Terrorism in Uganda, 1976 – 2015.”

8. Okeny Charles Kinyera was born in 1983 in Pader district, Northern Uganda. He holds a Masters of Arts in Archaeology of the University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania; BA (Ed) of Kyambogo University, Uganda and a one year Graduate Research Attachment at British Institute in Eastern Africa, Nairobi.  He has worked with Bishop Barham University College, Kabale; Uganda National Museum, as well as private consultancy in cultural heritage impact assessment.  Charles has great experience in East African archaeology and has worked with different archaeologists in various archaeological projects in Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and Comoros Islands. Currently, he is pursuing a PhD in Archaeology at Makerere University, Kampala, investigating on; the “Long-Term Human-Environment Interaction: Understanding the Palabek Cultural Landscapes in the Last 2000 Years.

9. Namuddu May is a part-time Assistant Lecturer in the Department of Linguistics, English Language Studies and Communication skills at Makerere University. She holds a Master of Science in Information science from Makerere University in which she did her research on the topic Risk Management in Academic Book Publishing; A case study of Fountain publishers Limited. She also holds a first-class Bachelors of Arts in Arts degree majoring in Communication skills and minoring in Kiswahili for Beginners. Her research interests are in communication skills and research interests are in Communication Competence. Namuddu May is currently a Doctoral student at Makerere University pursuing an interdisciplinary PhD in Humanistic social science. Her proposed topic is geared towards examining the “English Writing Communicative Competence of Uganda’s High School Learners in the 20th and 21st century”.

10. Arinaitwe Perpetua is an East African professional educationist trained at both Masters and Bachelors’ degree levels. She specializes in the subject of Kiswahili, where she has actively served both as a Curriculum specialist, Assistant lecturer and a Tutor in both public and private education institutions in Uganda for the last eight years.She is currently working at the National Curriculum Development Centre Uganda, as a Curriculum Specialist for Kiswahili. With this job, she has acquired enormous experience in managing education-related issues across a wide range of educational practices such as in curriculum design, instructional material development, teacher orientation, training, research and support supervision. Her PhD Project is entitled: “Kiswahili at Cross Roads: Cultural Politics and Language Policy in Uganda.”

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