Ag.Chair Department of History Dr. Charlotte Karungi Mafumbo hands over to Dr. Pamela Khanakwa

The Ag. Chair Department of History, Archeology and Heritage Studies, Dr.  Charlotte Karungi Mafumbo on Thursday 3rd November 2022 handed over the instruments of power to Dr. Pamela Khanakwa as substantive head. Dr Mafumbo has been Acting Chair since November 2019.

The handover ceremony was presided over by the Principal, College of Humanities and Social Sciences (CHUSS) represented by her Deputy Dr. Eric Awich Onen. The ceremony was also graced by the Dean, School of Liberal and Performing Arts Prof. Patrick Mangeni, heads of departments and members of staff.

Dr. Awich hailed the departmental staff for the collaboration and carrying on their duties deligently.

Dr. Awich appreciated the outgoing and incoming heads for taking on the leadership roles and implored them to nurture more women staff to come in the limelight.

The Principal also thanked Dr. Mafumbo for the dedication to serve and the job well done. He wished the incoming head Dr. Pamela Khanakwa the best in her term of office imploring her to continue steering the department to greater heights.

The Dean School of Liberal and Performing Arts Prof. Patrick Mangeni recognized Dr. Mafumbo’s predecessor Dr. Simon for the mentorship. Prof. Mangeni appreciated the leadership of Dr. Mafumbo noting that she has moved the department. He prayed that the new head will build on these achievements.

“When you look at what the department should do, I want to credit the outgoing head for the milestones especially in terms activities and collaborations. The quality of the input and student completion on schedule, the quality of the reports from supervisors and opponents, it is not automatic, you have worked.

To you Dr. Khanakwa, we look forward to getting more scholarships. You need to continue creating more opportunities for staff and student scholarship,” Prof. Mangeni stated.

Handing over the office, Dr. Mafumbo acknowledged the support and collegiality enjoyed in the department.

“Every staffer in the department has two roles, that one assigned in lieu of the Terms of Reference or Job Description and that assigned by the Head of the Department. Every member embraced all these roles unequivocally.  To this I am so grateful. We have such a unique existence “. She said

Dr. Mafumbo highlighted the departmental accomplishments in the last three years including a steady increase in the number of graduate scholars to doctoral degree holders mainly attributed to the inherited structures set up by our predecessors.

“First, they calculated in us the spirit of “we are all one”.  They also taught us that we are lecturers and supervisors to all. Because of this, our graduate students are lucky to have many supervisors besides those assigned to them from the University. The second level of inheritance comes from the works of our predecessor and subsequent Principal and Dean. They have all been very attentive to our needs and have provided over and above what is assigned to us as a department,” Mafumbo appreciated.

Mafumbo hailed the former and current Principals for the incredible support rendered during her term of office, the consultative and foresighted leadership that has enabled the department increase collaborations, attracting funds for student and staff capacity building.

Some of the collaborations and projects include; The Gerda Henkel Scholarships (CHUSS), The Andrew Mellon Scholarships (CHUSS), The Czech Republic Erasmus Mobility Scholarships (VC’s Office), The Embassy of Japan Scholarships (Department Connections), The Danish Citizen Scholarships (Department of Development Studies) , The “Pamela Friends Foundation” Scholarships, The “Archives, Memory and Methods” CHUSS   and, The “Robert Shaw Library” project (Department Connections) .

To her successor, Dr. Mafumbo enumerated some of the Projects in progress. These include, shelves, Makerere Historical Journals, Japan Project: JICA Chair the Japan Study Center project, the Center for Citizenship and Mobility Studies (MOU exists with the University of Pretoria), University of Johannesburg    and the Departmental End of Year get together December 14th 2022

Others are Curriculum Development for Masters of Archaeology and Heritage Studies, Strengthening the Museum, and Department of Architecture Proposed collaboration, Historicizing the corridor and Department Archive and Aix and Marseille and Socialement Engage University Erasmus.

Dr. Mafumbo described the incoming head as a friend, researcher with the British Institute of Eastern Africa, a peer in scholarship and supervision, with whom she graduated with as students together, supervised students together and worked hard on everything together.

“So we do have a new head but in real sense, we see a continuation of the plans and projects we have had. I wish you all the best and pledge all my support and dedication to you. You are understanding, very patient, and always providing the support that we need.

You are always polite, and even when we are stressed over something in the department, you make everything seem so easy. I have learned a lot working with you over the years and have a firm believe that you will do the best”, Dr. Mafumbo said.

The incoming, Dr. Pamela Khanakwa congratulated the outgoing head for the mentorship since they were 2nd year students as friends. Dr. Khanakwa also appreciated the positive attitude and support accorded by the office of the Dean and the Principal.

“I am grateful and humbled to be given the task to serve. I hope I will deliver and, I count on your support as a family. I hope you will continue to be there for each other”, Said Dr. Khanakwa.

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