NORHED funding to MISR

NORHED funding to MISR

Project title

Building and Reflecting on Interdisciplinary MPhil/PhD Studies for Higher Education Transformation

Brief description:

The MISR project, "/Building and Reflecting on Interdisciplinary  MPhil/PhD Studies for Higher Education Transformation,"/ is designed to  contribute to the transformation of higher education, in particular  graduate education, at Makerere University, in Uganda, and in the region more broadly. NORHED funding will help enable this agenda by providing  support oriented around three broad objectives:

  • Increase the representation of underrepresented groups, in particular  women and students from historically marginalized parts of Uganda, through MPhil scholarships;
  • Make the program sustainable by building the intellectual and  infrastructural   capacity of the MPhil/PhD program;
  • Launch the MISR higher education transformation research agenda, with a key focus on gender.

The MISR "/Building and Reflecting on Interdisciplinary MPhil/PhD  Studies for Higher Education Transformation"/ project, through  sustaining the MISR MPhil/PhD program in the short- and medium-term, further building the intellectual and infrastructural capacity of the MISR program, and enabling the development of a Higher Education

Transformation research agenda, will contribute to the NORHED priority area of developing governance, leadership, and policy in the education sector.

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