A Report On Homosexuality and Human Rights in Uganda

A Report On Homosexuality and Human Rights in Uganda

A team of independent senior researchers from the Schools of Liberal and Performing Arts, College of Humanities and Social Sciences, successfully conducted and concluded a nationwide research on Homosexuality and Human Rights in Uganda. The team included Dr Alex Nkabahona (the Principal Investigator), Assoc. Prof. Byaruhanga A. Rukooko (Dean, School of Liberal and Performing Arts), and Ms. Sarah Stella Okuni (PhD candidate).

The objectives of the research were among others to assess the attitudes of the Ugandan community on homosexuality, to establish challenges facing homosexual persons in Uganda, and to establish cases of recruitment of children and youth into homosexuality. The research was conducted among 1,552 respondents from 20 sampled districts across all the regions in Uganda. It was supported by the Royal Norwegian Foreign Affairs Ministry.

The report was launched on Friday, 8th November, 2013 in the Lower Conference Hall of Senate Building. The launch was presided over by the Royal Norwegian Ambassador to Uganda, H.E. Thorbjørn Gaustadsæther.

[1] Homosexuality is strongly condemned in both the Holy Bible and Holy Qur’an; inevitably pointing to the fact that homosexuality existed during those periods.

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