PAF Reloaded Strategic Plan to revive glory of Performing Arts

The Head, Department of Philosophy, Assoc.Prof. Wilfred Lajul (C), and members of staff from the Department of Performing Arts and Film at the workshop

On Friday, 22nd May, 2015, staff and students of Performing Arts and Film converged at Papali Restaurant in Bukoto to develop a new Strategic Plan for their Department. This followed a survey The Head, Department of Performing Arts and Film, Assoc.Prof. Sylvia Nannyonga - Tamusuza addresses participantsconducted by the new Head, Assoc. Prof. Sylvia Nannyonga –Tamusuza, on the factors affecting the growth of the Department.

Organized in groups, staff and students brainstormed and made presentations on the objectives of the five-year “PAF Reloaded Strategic Plan” meant to revive the glory of the Department of Performing Arts and Film. The objectives include; improving productivity, staff and student welfare; resource mobilization; infrastructure as well as research and project development.  

To achieve the objectives, participants resolved to recast the training programmes in the department; introduce commercial dance, music, and drama productions; establish a scholarship fund; increase influence of  the performing arts through publications, print, electronic and social media; improve graduate training; procure training equipment, hold public lectures, carry out community outreach programmes; improve branding; establish networks with government institutions, local and international funders; work with alumni and local artists to boost the image of the department; improve the research, reading and writing culture; and develop grant writing and management skills.

During the workshop, participants agreed to form committees within the department that would implement the objectives of the strategic plan.

In his remarks, the Principal of CHUSS, Prof. Edward K. Kirumira, emphasised the importance of teamwork in achieving the strategic objectives. “You can only succeed if you work as a team. You therefore need to incorporate everyone’s ideas and institutionalise individual efforts,” he said.  He pledged support towards the implementation of the strategic plan.  

The Deputy Principal, Prof. Abasi Kiyimba, reiterated the relevance of performing arts to national development and expressed commitment to improving the status of the Department.  

The Dean of the School of Liberal and Performing Arts was represented by the Head of the Department of Philosophy, Assoc. Prof. Wilfred Lajul, who described the Department of Performing Arts and Film as a vibrant unit full of talent that should be supported to develop.  He called for individual and team commitment in the development and implementation of the strategic plan.

The workshop facilitated by officials from Coach Africa Ltd was also used as a platform for team building.

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