Payment of Tuition Fees

Following the circular by the Vice Chancellor dated 28th December 2016, this is to remind you that;-

  1. All students who have not completed payment of Tuition and Functional fees for Semester One should have all fees paid by the 12th week of the Semester (Monday 16th January 2017).
  2. Students are advised to pay fees as stipulated above in order to avoid the surcharge of 5% of the outstanding balance of tuition after the 12th week of the Semester as stipulated in the Tuition Policy.
  3. Examinations for Semester One of the 2016/17 Academic year will commence on 30th January 2017.
  4. Only students who have completed payment of tuition fees will be issued examination permits by the College Registrars.


Alfred Maikye Namoah

Academic Registrar

Written by