Prof. Patrick Mangeni Hands Over SLPA Deanship to Dr. Pamela Khanakwa

Associate Professor Patrick Mangeni on 13th June, 2023 handed over the instruments of power to Dr. Pamela Khanakwa  as the new Dean, School of Liberal and Performing Arts (SPLA). Prof. Mangeni has served for eight years for two consecutive terms.

The handover ceremony was presided over by the Deputy Principal Associate. Prof. Eric Awich Ochen and witnessed by representatives from the university audit unit, the college Human Resource officer and Registrar, heads of departments, deans, academic and administrative staff among others.

Prof. Mangeni expressed appreciation to the appointing authority, college management and staff for the trust describing his tenures as great in terms of learning and cooperation.

Looking through the line of deans up to his tenure Prof. Mangeni noted that Dr. Khanakwa was now the second female Dean after Dr. Ruth Mukama who left deanship 30 years ago adding that the school stands out in supporting Affirmative Action.

Deputy Principal Dr. Eric Awich Ochen being served a cake by Dr. Pamela Khanakwa

“For me for Pamela - a lady coming into this office through the affirmation of the school itself, I take that as a significant stage. In the entire college, the school has the biggest number of female leaders both at the level of departments and representation in other areas”. Mangeni stated

In his handover report, Prof. Mangeni highlighted what is expected of the new dean, the schools’ achievements and some gaps that that require attention.

Overall, Prof. Mangeni said, the school performed very well in terms of programme reviews and presentation of the highest number of graduate students during university graduation ceremonies. He paid credit to the heads of departments for support, teamwork, fulfilment of the schedules and students support structure in the college.

“Information on graduation performance 2016-2020 indicates that the school had the highest completion rate in the college and in the last three years contributed the biggest number of PhDs”, He said.

Mangeni noted that in addition to COVID 19 that interrupted teaching and learning, there were a few cases of delayed submission on internal examination reports. He urged staff to respond to their calling to give value to students through service delivery irrespective of their differences and the working environment.

Mangeni also applauded the Andrew Melon Foundation scholarship for transforming graduate training in CHUSS. With the cessation of this funding, Mangeni advised the school to think of sustainability mechanisms.

He implored the incoming dean to be keen on issues of examination invigilation and malpractices including   managing the list of offenders, the need for teaching facilities for Performing Arts and Film, working space for staff, secretary for PAF, a strong equipment to digitise archives and records and maintaining a register of student leaders and associations.

The incoming Dean, Dr. Pamela Khanakwa thanked staff and management for the support and confidence entrusted in her to serve as Dean.

“I thank the outgoing dean for preparing me psychologically. I am counting on your support and I am sure that all shall be well taking the message that it takes team work to succeed. I pledge to work with all of you.

The outgoing Dean, you are leaving big shoes but again, I call on you for your support,” Dr. Khanakwa asked, pledging that the Dean’s office will remain open t everyone.

“Colleagues I am very excited. I am a very open person, ready to learn and I count on all of you to support me to move this journey to a better and higher level”, Khanakwa added.

Assoc. Prof. Patrick Mangeni

Prof. Mangeni hailed as a Meticulous Leader, Servant and Mentor

The Deputy Principal Assoc. Prof. Eric Awich Ochen credited the outgoing dean for contributing immensely to the university saying, the college looks forward to his continued mentorship.

“As you depart from office, not only the school will miss you but the entire university. You have provided leadership in organising graduation ceremonies making an intelligible mark, colour and flavour to university graduation ceremonies.

As Dean, you changed ways things had to be done and brought in passion and meticulousness and I hope those stepping in your shoes will occasionally call on you”, Dr.  Awich appreciated adding:

“Thank you for the leadership and mentorship of the principals’ office. You stepped in for me and there wasn’t any time you turned down my request. Thank you for the support, good advice and mentorship”, Said Awich

Dr. Awich advised the incoming dean to tap into the expertise and experience of her predecessor pledging the administrative support to ensure that she shines.

“The principal’s office welcomes you into leadership. Carry your candle and light it up in the darkness. Count on the Principals’ support because we believe you have what it takes to lead the school and fostering unity”, Dr. Awich asserted.

The Ag. Head Department of History, Archelogy and Heritage studies Dr. Charlotte Mafumbo described Prof. Patrick Mangeni as a meticulous and thorough person. She recalled when on many assignments, the outgoing professor would ask the department to re-do the assignment which they would rename as, “retakes”.

“Many times, we have worked with the Dean under stringent care and he has been there for us. I learnt a lot from him as acting head and he has been meticulous. We had retakes to ensure that whatever we do is thorough.

When he became dean, he looked at a list of staff and many were not confirmed. He called all and demanded that we put in our applications. Most of us were clueless of what to do. Thank you for paying attention to particular details because many assumed we knew”, Dr. Mafumbo recalled.

Who is Dr. Pamela Khanakwa?

Dr. Pamela Khanakwa?

Pamela KHANAKWA is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of History, Archaeology and Heritage Studies. She holds a PhD in History from Northwestern University, Evanston, USA. She worked as a research fellow at MISR before taking up appointment as lecturer in the Department of History, Archaeology and Heritage Studies in 2013 where she became Head of Department in October 2022. She is also associate director of the CHUSS Center of Excellence in Research, Teaching and Learning.

Her research areas include masculinities and ethnicities, land disputes, history of landslides and disaster management and intellectual history. She has published various journal articles and book chapters. She is a recipient of different grants including the African Humanities Program; African Peacebuilding Network of the Social Science Research Council and the Mellon Foundation.

She has recently participated in Erasmus academic mobility at the University of Hradec Kralove and University of Turin in the Czech Republic and Italy respectively. Dr. Khanakwa has supervised and graduated several MA and PhD students. She is a member of the editorial board of THE JOURNAL OF AFRICAN HISTORY, MAWAZO

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