CHUSS Contacts Directory

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Principals Office

Name: Hasiffa Kabejja
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Name: Namulemo Lacy
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Name: Alobo Agnes
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Name: Tumwine Nechodem
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School of Languages, Literature and Communication

Mrs Sarah Nanyanzi
Mr Christopher
Mr Steven Heimlich
Dr Natukunda-
Professor Oswald K.

School of Social Sciences

Miss Lunkuse Jane
Miss Nassali Lydia
Mr Ind Nakayi
Mr Kabonge vincent
Mr Mwangaza Yusuf

School of Liberal and Performing Arts

Dr Chrisitine...
Dr Kizza Mukasa
Mr Stephen Kasamba
Dr Tanga Odoi
Mr Herman Muwonge

School of Psychology

Miss Grace Night
Mr Eboyu Francis
Professor Peter K Baguma
Mr Musanje Khamisi

School of Women and Gender Studies

Mr David M Mpiima
Mr katongo Arthur
Miss Anena Catherine
Miss Mulumba Deborah