CHUSS freshers warned on academic indiscipline

CHUSS freshers warned on academic indiscipline

The First Year students have been cautioned to separate social obligations from academics. Speaking at the College of Humanities and Social Sciences (CHUSS) freshers’ orientation meeting held on Friday, 13th September, 2013 in the Freedom Square, the Principal, Prof. Edward K. Kirumira, warned the students against dodging class. “We are not going to force anyone to class. According to the Deputy Vice Chancellor in charge of Academic Affairs, the quorum for teaching is one student. We shall teach those who will be in class even if it is one person,” he said.

He congratulated the students upon having made it to Makerere University and assured them that they had made the right choice to join the humanities and social sciences. “Humanities programmes allow people to be flexible. You can start as a sociologist but end up in public health. All subjects are equally important and no one should discourage you,” he advised. The Principal cautioned the students to think and seek advice before changing the subject combination to avoid trouble. He also advised them to do courses that they have passion for, not those forced on them by parents or as a result of peer pressure.

The Deputy Principal, Prof. Abasi Kiyimba, advised the freshers to focus on academics and work hard to excel, noting that there is need for a new generation of academics to replace the outgoing ones. He also advised the students to relate with respect to their peers and lecturers.

The function was graced by the Makerere University Guild President, Ms Anna Adeke, who informed the students about the social challenges at Campus, and urged them to work hard to excel. She advised the students to always contact the Guild office in case of any problem.

Other members of staff who addressed the students included all the Deans of the five schools, the College Registrar, Librarian and Bursar. They all emphasised the need for academic discipline and guided the students on the registration and education system at the University.

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