Call for Abstracts

The National Humanities and Humanistic Social Science Conference will take place at Makerere University from 28 till 30 July 2021. It will bring together researchers from universities, research institutions and civil society to grapple with and interrogate how Humanities and Humanistic Social Sciences theories, historical trends and methodological innovations allow us to meaningfully reflect and dissect crucial existential challenges of the present era. The conference will seek to foster debate on the following sub-themes:

  1. Multi-disciplinary conceptualising of the Humanities and Humanistic Social Sciences in the neo-liberal and globalised world
  2. Contemporary theoretical and methodological approaches in the study of societal challenges
  3. Humanities, pedagogies and curricula
  4. Exploring the luminaries on whose shoulders we stand: histories and genealogies of Humanities scholarship in Uganda
  5. Humanities and the decolonisation project
  6. Humanities and contemporary development challenges, including climate change, migration, inequalities and pandemics
  7. Repositioning the humanities in higher education
  8. Humanities, human rights, law and governance
  9. Humanities, feminism, gender and sexuality
  10. Indigenous knowledge, archives, heritage and cultural memory
  11. Humanities, identity, nationalism and citizenship
  12. The creative industry and humanistic interventions in society
  13. Humanities in the digital era
  14. Imagining the future of the Humanities.

Participation and Submission of Abstracts

The Organising Committee invites 300-word abstracts and/or 600-word panel proposals from scholars in the disciplines, including Philosophy, Religion, History and Archaeology, Creative Arts (Music, Dance and Drama), Languages and Linguistics, Literature, Social Psychology, Critical Cultural Studies, Media Studies, Political Theory, Law and Feminist Studies. The submissions should be in Microsoft word format using Time New Roman and 12-point font and should clearly indicate which sub-theme the submission corresponds to.

Please send your abstracts and panel proposals to:
not later than Friday, 26 February 2021. Contributors will be notified of the decisions on their submissions by 26 April 2021.

For further information and inquiry, please write to: Dr Aisha Sembatya Nakiwala or Dr Levis Mugumya at Tel: +256-41-531909

Note: Due to the uncertainties which come with COVID-19, we plan for a hybrid HumanitiesCon2021, which will enable both on-site and on-line participation.


  1. Extension of deadline for submission of Abstracts - National Humanities Conference (HumanitiesCon2021) July 28-30, 2021

Funded by Andrew W. Mellon Foundation under the Historicising the Humanities at Makerere University since 1922 (Humanities@Mak100) research project

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