The process of forming colleges started 10 years back and through a gradual process in 2011 the system was put into place. The college of Humanities and Social sciences consits of 5 schools, 5 Centers and 1 Institute.

The mission of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences is to create and transmit ideas, knowledge, virtues and values to students with a view to preparing them to be leaders and workers for their country in particular and the world at large. Apart from being one of the oldest and largest in the University, the College has a reputation for excellence and a commitment to ensuring that its students are well prepared for the ever-changing job market.

Aware of the global challenges, the college of Humanities and Social sciences designed new strategies to provide its students with more favourable and marketable programs and courses. Professional programs and new subject combinations have been introduced at the undergraduate level and are now being offered. These programs provide specific knowledge, skills and attributes that graduates gain from their respective areas of study. The choice of subject combinations entirely depends on one's interests, strengths and career aspirations.

The College has developed its ICT section, which is fully equipped with facilities open to all students of the College. Other college laboratories have been equipped to enable the students' easier access to the facilities. All postgraduate programs offered are on a fee-paying basis and cover a wide range of study areas. They provide applicants with advanced expertise in their select study areas and equip the student with an ability to apply advanced principles of the selected areas of study to everyday living.

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