Ugandans Called to Embrace Human Values and Ethics in this Technological Era


Makerere University Department of Philosophy on 16th November 2023 celebrated the world Philosophy Day with a call on the public to recognise the values of philosophy and the role it plays in human development. 

The call was made by the Deputy Director, in charge of Administration and Graduate Training at Makerere University Assoc. Prod. Julius Kikooma while representing the University Vice Chancellor.

The World Philosophy Day is a global celebration that promotes the value of philosophical thinking and encourages discussions on various philosophical topics. This year, Makerere University celebrated the day under the theme “The Ethics of the Human of the Future." The theme probed into the ethical considerations that arise with the rapid advancement of technology, biotechnology, and the potential transformation of human existence. 

“Philosophy is the foundation of knowledge. When the humanity is faced with hard questions, the world looks to the philosophers to make sense out of the situation,” Prof. Kikooma said. 

 Kikooma also proposed the introduction of Philosophy as across cutting course in all Ugandan universities especially undergraduate programmes noting that the human of the future is in danger.

Representing the Principal College of  Humanities and Social Sciences, the Dean School of Liberal and  Performing Arts Dr. Pamela Khanakwa noted that whereas advances of in Science and Technology present opportunities for continuous improvement in the human condition, they at the same time pose significant threats to human values. 

In their endeavours, Dr. Khanakwa said, scientists usually focus on possibilities and methods actualities by focussing on the questions of ‘what’ and ‘how’, leaving the questions of ‘whether/ the ought’ and ‘why’.  

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