CHUSS Presents the highest number of PhDs & Best Humanities Student at the Mak 74th Graduation

UPDF  officers in  a group photo  before the procession


During the Mak 74th Graduation ceremony, the College of Humanities and Social Sciences (CHUSS) was recognized for outstanding performance. Besides leading in the production of the highest number of Doctoral candidates, CHUSS delivered the overall best humanities student and 85 UPDF officers who graduated with Diplomas and degrees in defence and security studies.

The college was also honored for  delivering the First Black African Recipient of the prestigious “Lifetime Achievement Award”,  and  its staff appointments on regional and internal bodies and partneships bearing fruits. Six members of staff were also announced   for the Vice Chancellor’s Research Excellence Awards 2023. The college was hailed for  authoring the centennial book highlighting the 100 years of the university service to humanity that was launched by the First lady and Minister of Education and Sports.

                                                       30 PhD candidates presented


                      Some of the the PhD in a group photo  at the freedom square

For the third time, CHUSS presented the highest number of PhDs totaling 30 out of 132 PhDs across the ten colleges representing 23%. The college also presented 260 Masters graduands out of 1585 across colleges a percentage share of 16.4% becoming the second to the College of Health Sciences. CHUSS also presented 1366 candidates for the award of Bachelor’s  degrees, out of 11,016 ( 0.1%) and 45 postgraduate diploma candidates  out of 156  (29%) across colleges. In total, the college presented close to 2000 candidates during the 5th session of the Mak 74th graduation ceremony held on 2nd February 2024.


                                   The Principal CHUSS Prof. Josephine Ahikire presented the Doctoral Candidates

 Presiding over the graduation ceremony, the Vice Chancellor Prof. Barnabas Nawangwe commended CHUSS leadership and staff for the consistent leadership in graduate output.

“This is a   groundbreaking achievement. We congratulate the college leadership led by Prof. Josephine Ahikire for maintaining the lead in graduate output for three consecutive graduation ceremonies. Our  goal is to graduate at least 200 PhDs per year in response to the World Bank call of at least 100,000 PhDs for Africa over the next 10 years, in order to pull our continent out of poverty”, Prof. Nawangwe appreciated

                                         85 UPDF  officers presented for graduation


                                A section of the UPDF officers in a group photo at the  Frank Kalimuzo Central Teaching Facility

The college presented 85 Uganda Peoples Defence Forces (UPDF) generals, senior and junior staff officers who graduated with masters, bachelors and diplomas after completing studies in different disciplines related to defence, security and medical studies.The Vice Chancellor applauded CHUSS for this partnership noting that, it was historical.

“This is historical in the lifetime of Makerere and the UPDF where for the first time, a huge number of officers from our affiliated institutions of the National Defence College Uganda and Senior Command and Staff College Kimaka  are  walking away with awards. We congratulate Brig.  Flavia Byekaso, Brig. Gen. Ruteran and Col. Edith Nakalema and the entire security team upon this achievement.”        


                          UPDF officers sing to the national anthems during the graduation ceremony in the Freedom Square

                                           The Best Humanities Student Awarded

CHUSS also presented the best performing undergraduate student in the humanities. Mr.Tusubira Silas Wamala  graduated with a Bachelor of Chinese and Asian Studies and tied with Atukunda Kevin of the  a Bachelor of International Business (MUBS),  with a CGPA of 4.84 out of 5.0.  The students received plaques and one million shillings each from Makerere University Convocation chaired by Mr. George Turyatemba.


                                                    Mr.Tusubira Silas Wamala displays his plaque 

                                     Assoc. Prof. Susan Kiguli’s Lifetime Achievement Award highlighted

The Vice Chancellor reported that on the global Scene,  CHUSS  delivered the First Black African recipient of the prestigious “Lifetime Achievement Award” in Italy at the Vercelli Seminar in August 2023. Makerere's Poet and Literary scholar, Assoc.  Prof. Susan Kiguli who denounces violence and abuse of power in the black context was at the centre of the festival and Chief guest. Kiguli’s first book in Italy  titled, The Weeping Lands” was published and launched fetching  another prize called, the "Ali sul Mediterraneo Libri & Cultura” international award.”


                    Hon. Peace Regis Mutuzo , One of the PhD candidates receives her certificate from the Vice Chancellor

Six members  of staff Receive the  Vice Chancellor’s Research Excellence Awards 2023

Prof. Nawangwe reported that as a result of the various partnerships forged over time, research output in terms of innovations and publications has increased. The Vice Chancellor announced  the inaugural Makerere University Vice Chancellor’s Research Excellence Awards, in recognition of outstanding performers in research and publication.

The award was based on the highest number of publications between the year 2017 and 2023 according to the Scorpus database.Health Science Professors Moses Robert Kamya and Professor Rhoda Wanyenze emerged as the Best Overall Male and Female Researchers respectively. Prof. Moses Robert Kamya has 271 publications and Prof. Rhoda Wanyenze has 153 publications in the aforementioned period.


                                                             Some of the CHUSS faculty during the procession

The Vice Chancellor recognized and congratulated six CHUSS researchers listed and published in the Graduation Booklet and the Mak News Magazine. The researchers were honored by the Vice Chancellor and Chairperson of Makerere University during the Convocation luncheon held at  Makerere University Convocation House.

CHUSS best researchers included:-   Assoc. Prof. Walakira  Eddy, Dr. Neema  Stella,  Dr. Baluku  Martin, Dr. Kizito  Simon, Dr. Mabingo  Alfdaniels  and Assoc. Prof. Twikirize Mwende Janestic 

Prof. Nawangwe urged all staff to continue conducting research on national development priorities as well as matters of global interest and publishing their work in high-impact journals so as contribute to Makerere’s drive to become a research-led university. He also advised on the need for the research to lead to patents, copyrights and trademarks, and tangible innovations in the form of products, policy briefs, manuals and others.


                           Some of the Masters candidates  being awarded their degrees in the Freedom Square

                                        Partnership with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

The Vice Chancellor extended gratitude to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through its Royal Embassy in Uganda as one of the development partners working with the College of Humanities and Social Sciences at Makerere University. Nawangwe reported that the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia, and Makerere University have worked on several projects including a grant that benefited close to a hundred students who received bursaries to study Arabic at Makerere University and ICT equipment which have supported the teaching of Arabic language in the School of Languages, Literature and Communication.

“We also acknowledge the generous support to our moslem staff to fulfil the fifth pillar of Islam- Pilgrim to Mecca. We are also grateful for the ongoing initiatives being made to establish the Centre for Arabic Language Studies at CHUSS, support training and research in Oil and Gas, ICT and Engineering”. The Professor acknowledged.

                               Prof. Lyn Ossome, Director MISR elected President of CODESRIA 2023-2026


                                  Prof. Lyn Ossome attending the graduation ceremony

In his speech, the Vice Chancellor  reported that the university participated in the 16th Council for Development of Social Siences Research in Africa (CODESRIA) General Assembly on 4th to 8th December 2023 that was held in Dakar, Senagal where Prof. Lyn Ossome was elected president. The University also received a donation of 79 books from CODESRIA which were delivered and presented to the university library.

                                        Launch of the Makerere University @100 book

Prof. Nawangwe informed the congregation that,  as part of the Makerere centennial celebrations, the university has been able, with a team of editors and authors, to map out the 100-year journey of Makerere University. This book, titled Makerere’s Century of Service to East Africa and Beyond: 1922-2022 tells Makerere’s unique story as a university serving Uganda, East Africa and the world.

 “As we consolidate our place on the knowledge generation stage, we are proud to share this publication with you. We specifically look forward to keep building for the future in the next 100 years of our University’s existence”. “I thank the following editors: Prof. A.B. Kasozi, Prof. Josephine Ahikire, Prof. Dominica Dipio, Prof. Helen Byamugisha and Dr. Isaac Tibasiima for the commitment to this noble task. I am delighted to report that this book has been published by our very own Makerere University Press”. The Vice Chancellor stated.

The book was officially launched by the  First lady and Minister of Education and Sports represented by the State Minister for higher education Hon. John Chrysostom Muyingo witnessed by Chairperson of Council and members of top management.

The Vice chancellor highlighted a number of achievements recorded in the last two years including the issuance of transcripts and certificates before the graduation, the ground breaking research, innovations and partnerships.

 Prof. Nawangwe acknowledged the support accorded by various stakeholders including Government of Uganda, development partners, parents and guardians, sponsors, and staff, without whom, it would have been impossible for the university to achieve the various milestones recorded over the years.


                                   Some of the graduands jubilate during the award ceremony

                                             Vice Chancellors Message to the graduands

In his key message to the graduands, Prof. Nawangwe described graduation  as the most important and most memorable day in the life of any scholar on grounds that it is a license to succeed in life,  and a privilege to serve humanity.

“You have worked hard to get a degree or diploma from one of the best universities in the World. This is a license for you to succeed in whatever you choose to do in your life career. But always remember that success will only come with discipline and hard work, while honoring your parents and fearing God.

Shortly you will become an alumnus of this great institution. Cherish the knowledge and experiences you have collected while here, but remember that learning never ends. Our gates remain open for you if you wish to pursue higher degrees”, the professor advised.

With a degree from one of the best universities in the World, Prof. Nawangwe stressed, that graduates have no reason not to succeed in life.

“Indeed, the World is yours to conquer. If jobs are not forthcoming, create them, for we have empowered you not only to be employable, but also to be entrepreneurs. Be the light that others will follow. We are proud that we have been a part of your life, that we have given you the knowledge and courage to face life in this ever-changing World.  Go out to the World and make it a better place”. He emphasized.



                     Hon. Peace Regis Mutuzo, Brig. Gen. Flavia Byekwaso, Brig. Gen. Edith Nakalema  and other candidates during the graduation ceremony

                                                        The Mak 74th Graduation statistics

During the course of the 74th graduation ceremony (Monday 29th January to 2nd February 2024)  a total of 12,913 graduands  received degrees and diplomas of Makerere University. Of these, a total of 132 graduands  graduated with PhDs, 1585 with Masters degrees, 11,016 with Bachelor’s degrees, 156 with postgraduate diplomas, and 24 with undergraduate diplomas.

53% of the graduands were female and 47% were male. In the category of PhD graduands, 46 were female and 86 were male. In the category of students graduating with Master’s degrees, 699 were female and 886 were male.

Please find these and more, in the Vice Chancellor's speech attached.

By. Jane Anyango

Principal Communication Officer

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