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Prof Rukooko hold a B.A. (Makerere University), M.A. (University of Nairobi), and PhD. (Makerere University). He has taught Philosophy and Human Rights at Makerere University since 1989 to date where he is a Professor. He was Deputy Dean and Dean, Faculty of Arts, and later, Dean, School of Liberal and Performing Arts. He co-authored a book Cultures at Crossroads: Homosexuality and Human Rights in Uganda (2017), and writing “Why the Passion to Legislate against Homosexuals? Revisiting the Anti-Homosexual Bill in Uganda (2009)”. He convened the seventh IDEA conference at Makerere University in 2006 and a conference on dreams and dreaming in Africa in February 2020.

Research Topic: 
Understanding the Discipline of Philosophy: Analysis of Perceptions and Definitions

The study assessed the perceptions of what different individuals associated with the discipline of philosophy understood it to be, on one hand, and analyzed definitions of philosophy from different texts, on the other. The aim of the study was to offer a simplified understanding of philosophy and my major assumption was that perceptions and definitions complement each other to provide a better understanding of the discipline of philosophy. The methods included key informant interviews and content analysis. In regard to the former, respondents were selected from people who have contact with the discipline of philosophy at Makerere University, either as students or former students, or staff or supervisors of the Department of philosophy. In the case of the latter, texts which had definitions of philosophy were consulted, and later both categories of data were subjected to a logical analysis that led to the conclusions that perceptions of the discipline of philosophy were inadequate much as the definitions were also inaccessible to the wider public. It was observed that the nature of discipline requires continuous review and redefinition.  

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